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Designing Berry curvature dipoles and the quantum nonlinear Hall effect at oxide interfaces
E.Lesne, Y.G. Saǧlam, R.Battilomo, T.C. van Thiel, U.Filippozzi, M.Cuoco, G.A. Steele, C.Ortix, A.D. Caviglia

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Electrostatically Driven Polarization Flop and Strain‐Induced Curvature in Free‐Standing Ferroelectric Superlattices
Li Y, Zatterin E, Conroy M, Pylypets A, Borodavka F, Björling A, Groenendijk DJ, Lesne E, Clancy AJ, Hadjimichael M, Kepaptsoglou D, Ramasse QM, Caviglia A, Hlinka J, Bangert U, Leake SJ, Zubko P.

Advanced materials. 2022;:2106826

The combination of strain and electrostatic engineering in epitaxial heterostructures of ferroelectric oxides offers many possibilities for inducing new phases, complex polar topologies, and enhanced electrical properties. However, the dominant effect of substrate clamping can also limit the…

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Gate-tunable pairing channels in superconducting non-centrosymmetric oxides nanowires
Singh G, Guarcello C, Lesne E, Winkler D, Claeson T, Bauch T, Lombardi F, Caviglia A, Citro R, Cuoco M, Kalaboukhov A.

npj quantum materials. 2022;7(1):2

Two-dimensional SrTiO 3 -based interfaces stand out among non-centrosymmetric superconductors due to their intricate interplay of gate-tunable Rashba spin-orbit coupling and multi-orbital electronic occupations, whose combination theoretically prefigures various forms of non-standard…

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Self-Sealing Complex Oxide Resonators
Lee M, Robin MP, Guis RH, Filippozzi U, Shin DH, van Thiel TC, Paardekooper SP, Renshof JR, van der Zant HSJ, Caviglia A, Verbiest GJ, Steeneken PG.

Nano letters. 2022;22(4):1475-1482

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Coherent spin-wave transport in an antiferromagnet
Hortensius JR, Afanasiev D, Matthiesen M, Leenders R, Citro R, Kimel AV, Mikhaylovskiy RV, Ivanov BA, Caviglia A.

Nature physics. 2021;17(9):1001-1006

Magnonics is a research field complementary to spintronics, in which the quanta of spin waves (magnons) replace electrons as information carriers, promising lower dissipation1,2,3. The development of ultrafast, nanoscale magnonic logic circuits calls for new tools and materials to generate coherent …

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Controlling the anisotropy of a van der Waals antiferromagnet with light
Afanasiev D, Hortensius JR, Matthiesen M, Mañas-Valero S, Šiškins M, Lee M, Lesne E, van der Zant HSJ, Steeneken PG, Ivanov BA, Coronado E, Caviglia A.

Science advances. 2021;7(23)

Ultrafast optical control of magnetic anisotropy in a van der Waals antiferromagnet activates a sub-THz two-dimensional magnon.

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Coupling Charge and Topological Reconstructions at Polar Oxide Interfaces
van Thiel T C, Brzezicki W, Autieri C, Hortensius J R, Afanasiev D, Gauquelin N, Jannis D, Janssen N, Groenendijk D J, Fatermans J, Van Aert S, Verbeeck J, Cuoco M, Caviglia A.

Physical review letters. 2021;127(12):127202

In oxide heterostructures, different materials are integrated into a single artificial crystal, resulting in a breaking of inversion-symmetry across the heterointerfaces. A notable example is the interface between polar and non-polar materials, where valence discontinuities lead to otherwise…

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Non-universal current flow near the metal-insulator transition in an oxide interface
Persky E, Vardi N, Monteiro AMRVL, van Thiel TC, Yoon H, Xie Y, Fauqué B, Caviglia A, Hwang HY, Behnia K, Ruhman J, Kalisky B.

Nature communications. 2021;12(1):3311

In systems near phase transitions, macroscopic properties often follow algebraic scaling laws, determined by the dimensionality and the underlying symmetries of the system. The emergence of such universal scaling implies that microscopic details are irrelevant. Here, we locally investigate the…

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Ultrafast control of magnetic interactions via light-driven phonons
Afanasiev D, Hortensius JR, Ivanov BA, Sasani A, Bousquet E, Blanter YM, Mikhaylovskiy RV, Kimel AV, Caviglia A.

Nature materials. 2021;20(5):607-611

Resonant ultrafast excitation of infrared-active phonons is a powerful technique with which to control the electronic properties of materials that leads to remarkable phenomena such as the light-induced enhancement of superconductivity1,2 , switching of ferroelectric polarization3,4 and ultrafast…

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Ultrafast phononic switching of magnetization
Stupakiewicz A, Davies CS, Szerenos K, Afanasiev D, Rabinovich KS, Boris AV, Caviglia A, Kimel AV, Kirilyuk A.

Nature physics. 2021;17(4):489-492

Identifying efficient pathways to control and modify the order parameter of a macroscopic phase in materials is an important ongoing challenge. One way to do this is via the excitation of a high-frequency mode that couples to the order, and this is the ultimate goal of the field of ultrafast phase…

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